Why did I get a fine?

How do you know that I generated this violation or toll?

This notice was sent based upon information provided to us, as the registered owner of the vehicle, from a municipality or toll road authority. The information - based on the date, time and vehicle - indicates that you were the renter.


How can I pay my fine or toll?

If you paid for your car rental with a credit card or debit card:

We will directly charge that credit or debit card listed on your rental agreement; there is no need to do anything else.


Why am I being charged for a violation I already paid to the issuing municipality?

If you believe the charges have been paid, please fill out the Proof of Payment form and a customer service representative will respond to your inquiry.


Can you send me the actual violation or toll notice?

The letter we sent you includes details about the date and time, as well as the location of the incident. However, since we typically receive only electronic notifications - which reduce processing expenses and time delays - paper copies of tickets or violations generally, are not available.


Why have I received a letter directly from local authorities about a violation or toll?

In some locations, Enterprise works with local authorities to transfer liability for violations and tolls to the responsible car rental customer. When this occurs, customers pay for their violations or tolls directly to the local authorities. However, our standard administrative fee still applies.


Why am I being charged now after my rental period has ended?

We depend on government and toll agencies for all information related to tolls and other violations. In most cases, that takes one to four weeks - although, in some circumstances, it may take even longer.

Our goal is to notify you so that you are alerted as soon as possible. Under the terms and conditions in your rental agreement, you are responsible for all costs, fines, violations, and tolls - as well as an administrative fee we charge for processing and billing.


Why am I getting multiple bills for the same rental period?

Our billing system notifies you about each individual toll or violation.


Why are you charging me a fee?

We apply this fee to all costs our affiliates and we incur for citations and tolls and their administration.


Have questions about a toll or a violation? Please contact us by calling in or emailing.


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